Why You Should Have Your Windows Cleaned In Winter

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Many people believe that having their windows cleaned in winter is a pointless and futile task.

They receive a battering from a seemingly endless stream of cold weather, rain, frost and even snow, making cleaning them seem a thankless task.

However, even during the coldest days of winter, routine cleans of both residential and commercial properties are imperative.

Here’s why:


Whether your property is residential or commercial, how it looks is a representation of you. For that reason, you’ll want it always looking its best. For commercial properties, potential customers will be impressed with your attention to the detail throughout the year as well as being greeted by a more welcoming and brighter exterior.

Reduce damage:

Windows take the brunt of rain, sleet, hail, snow as well as being regularly coated in grime, dirt and dust – meaning over time the glass risks becoming damaged. Regularly cleaning your windows is the best way to make sure the elements don’t do so permanently. It is more cost-effective in the long term to schedule regular visits from your cleaner than to have to pay out for scratches, cracks and other repairs.

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Many people don’t prioritise having their windows cleaned in the winter, making it an opportune moment to hire a window cleaner. While the demand for one from elsewhere decreases during colder months, you will find a significantly shorter wait time between scheduling and cleaning, unlike scheduling window cleaning in summer.


Ever thought that natural light could save you money? It’s no secret that in the winter the average British household uses up to 50 per cent more energy. While that is often due to putting on heating, lighting can also increase your energy bill! When days are darker and shorter, we find ourselves switching on lights more often throughout the day. Keeping your windows bright and clean is one of the most effective ways of illuminating your home naturally while keeping bills under control.


During the winter, days become shorter and darker which often results in people becoming deficient in Vitamin D. Exposure to daylight is an essential part of staying healthy and maintaining your immune system, which is why having clean windows is important. The elements can cause your windows to develop a thick layer of rainwater and dirt that needs removing to let in enough light. You must also not fail to neglect the inside of windows where soot from candles can build up quickly – something else that can affect your health, energy and mood.

Winter is one of the most difficult seasons to clean your windows and can even be dangerous if not undertaken by a professional.

Window cleaning companies can ensure a safe and reliable clean if scheduled to visit regularly.

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