Crime Scene Cleaning Services

Crime scene cleaning is a traumatic but necessary operation that requires specialist training, equipment, and chemicals to complete safely.

Direct Cleaning Group provides professional crime scene cleaning and trauma cleaning services that are designed to decontaminate, disinfect, and return areas to their original state.

If you are in need of crime scene cleaning or trauma clean-up services, contact our expert team on 03300 02 02 88 or send a message to Our clean-up crews can be dispatched at short notice, across the North West.

Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime scene cleaning is not the responsibility of the police or other emergency services, but the responsibility of the property owner or family and friends of those involved. Crime scenes can be grizzly, distressing locations, but a professional cleaning service can return a crime scene to its original state in a short space of time.

Because of the sensitive and dangerous nature of crime scenes, it is always recommended that property owners call in crime scene cleaning specialists, such as Direct Cleaning Group. Crime scenes possess a number of potential health and safety hazards (such as used needles or dried blood) and require extensive disinfection and cleaning to be made safe again.

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Trauma Cleaning

Direct Cleaning Group also provides similar trauma cleaning services across the North West. We can apply our expertise and knowledge to clean up locations where serious levels of trauma have occurred.

Sites of trauma involve large quantities of blood or other bodily fluids, which have the potential to cause infection. Trauma sites can be the result of accidents, suicide, or natural death. No matter the cause, trauma cleaning should only be carried out by specialists with the right training and equipment to deal with the dangers and distress of the trauma.

Direct Cleaning Group is on hand to clean up trauma sites at short notice. Contact our team to find out more.


Other Hazardous Cleaning Services Provided by Direct Cleaning Group

In addition to crime scene cleaning and trauma cleaning, Direct Cleaning Group’s expert staff are able to provide a wide range of other hazardous cleaning services.

We can put our trauma cleaning expertise and experience to use removing hazardous waste and cleaning up biohazard spills, as well as other cleaning operations that require extensive PPE, training and industrial chemicals.

Our other services include:

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Direct Cleaning Group provides an expert crime scene cleaning service that is professional and thorough. Our specialists are well trained, experienced and have access to the best equipment and chemicals available. Our team works across the North West and can be called in at short notice for clean-up operations.

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