The ultimate deep cleaning checklist

Wiping surface

We all love a tidy house but sometimes our living space needs a little extra tlc. Once or twice a year it’s a good idea to give everything a deep clean. But where to start? Here’s our handy deep cleaning checklist to help you out.

Before you start

Clear away clutter

Ensure that nothing is piled up on floors or on the tops of tables. Place things that haven’t got a ‘home’ in boxes so that they can be easily moved around.

Make a plan

Which rooms do you want to tackle first? Consider the fact that you’ll need to move things into another room, so maybe make the spaces with most furniture a priority.

Ensure you have the right equipment and cleaning products to do the job.

This will include:

  • Baking soda
  • Broom
  • Brush with stiff bristles
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Dusters
  • Gloves
  • Lint roller
  • Mop
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Sponges
  • Sugar soap
  • Telescoping pole for high and hard-to-reach spaces
  • Vacuum cleaner with extension accessories
  • Washing up liquid
  • White vinegar
  • Window and glass cleaner
  • Wood cleaner and/or polish

Our deep cleaning checklist has been split per room, to help you better tackle cleaning as you work your way through the house.


  • Wipe down cabinets, clean inside, use vinegar to clean grease splashes.
  • Vacuum fridge coils and vent.
  • Clear out the fridge and defrost the freezer.
  • Throw away nearly empty jars and anything past its expiry date.
  • Clean the front of the fridge.
  • Scrub the top of the cooker and clean the oven. If the oven is really covered in grease and burnt on food you may need to call in a professional to do the job.
  • Remove everything from the food cupboards and re-organise them, for example grouping together all baking products and organising spices.
  • Clean out the microwave.
  • Disinfect and scrub the sinks.
  • Remove everything from countertops and clean them down.
  • Clean appliances.
  • Wipe down walls and backsplashes with sugar soap.
  • Wash windows.
  • Clean window frames and sills.
  • Clean around light switches and sanitize.

Washing machine

  • Clear out the washing machine vent.
  • Wipe down the washer and dryer.
  • Sanitize your washing machine to remove mould and detergent build-up.


  • Scrub showers, baths, sinks and loos.
  • Wipe mirrors, light fixtures, mirrors and windows paying attention to accumulated dirt in corners. Use vinegar on a cloth to remove grime or dust.
  • Clean under sinks and inside drawers of the vanity unit.
  • Junk any bathroom items that have passed their expiry date or you don’t use.
  • Scrub grouting.
  • Disinfect handles and switches.
  • Wash shower curtains, bath mats and any other textiles.
  • Clean around light switches and sanitize.

Living room

  • Move furniture aside or into another room to vacuum and clean the flooring.
  • Wipe down skirting boards and pay special attention to corners where cobwebs might lurk.
  • Reinstate the furniture. You may even want to re-arrange furniture to prevent the carpet from wearing out in high traffic areas.
  • Remove the cushions from the sofa and vacuum the base and arms.
  • Do the same with chairs.
  • Polish furniture.
  • Declutter drawers and cupboards.
  • Wash windows.
  • Wipe down doors.
  • Clean curtains.
  • Use a vacuum extension to clean the ceiling and corners.
  • Dust ornaments and pictures.
  • Clean the TV and other devices.
  • Clean and disinfect the TV remote control.
  • Clean the router.
  • Clean and disinfect the telephone handset (if you have one).
  • Clean around and sanitize light switches.


  • Move furniture.
  • Clean carpets and skirting boards.
  • Move furniture back.
  • Strip beds and wash bedding including mattress toppers.
  • Wash pillows and duvets.
  • Turn over the mattress.
  • Clean headboards.
  • Dust and polish all furniture.
  • Dust and clean window frames, sills and windows.
  • Clean ceilings with vacuum extension.
  • Clean lights.
  • Dust/wash lampshades.
  • Take everything out of wardrobes and vacuum and dust the inside.
  • Wipe down shelves and drawers.
  • Pack up clothes not in season and store away in the back of the wardrobe. You might want to vacuum pack expensive items.
  • If you haven’t worn anything for a year, place it in the charity shop bag.
  • Arrange clothes on hangers facing the same way.
  • Clean around and sanitize light switches.

And these are just the basics of a thorough deep clean! You may need to book a holiday from work in order to carry out such a thorough job, or you might like to hire professionals to do everything for you in a matter of hours!

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