Deep Cleaning Services

What is deep cleaning?

There are so many reasons why you might need a deep cleaning service. Maybe it’s about getting a property ready to be rented out or put up for sale and you need help with making it look its best, or maybe you’re just a really busy person who hasn’t got around to doing the cleaning for a while. It could be that you’ve had a tenant who’s left your rental in a mess, or it’s the home of an elderly relative who hasn’t been able to clean. There are many cases for a deep clean and the good news is that because cleaning is our mission, we are used to every situation that may arise.

As you might have guessed, deep cleaning goes below the surface of just an everyday scrub and polish. In fact it will deal with the kinds of demanding scenarios you may not be able to tackle yourself. Our professional cleaners will have the equipment and skills to be able to go deep and ensure that even the toughest conditions are dealt with efficiently.

We can:

  • Help with ground in grime that can’t be shifted with your home cleaning products.
  • Do a thorough job cleaning everything from windows and skirting boards, to worktops and carpets.
  • Ensure no room is off limits. Maybe a bathroom needs deep cleaning, or there’s a bedroom that requires so much more than a quick dusting, or there’s a kitchen which you’ve never been able to clean properly yourself, if that is the case, we have the expertise and the products do do the job thoroughly.
  • Help you with the problem of mold and other conditions arising from dampness.

Sometimes it’s just about being daunted by the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. The great thing is, once deep cleaning has been completed you can keep more on top of things afterwards. Hiring us to clean your property may be all you need to get back in control.

What is included in deep cleaning?

When we deep clean a property we are taking time and care to ensure that every part of the room is attended to. It’s about the details. Our first class service involves so much more than making things look their best, it’s also about removing potentially harmful dirt, tackling stains and other problem kinds of debris.

Not everyone is capable of, or has the inclination to clean and that’s where we come in. We know exactly how to deal with any scenario, whether it’s dirt that’s built up in decades, or the legacy of a badly behaved tenant. And you don’t have to feel apologetic when you contact us because helping people like you is the reason we do what we do.

When we deep clean we will go where you probably haven’t been for years. We will tackle dirty bathrooms with stains and grimy grouting. We’ll go behind radiators in bedrooms, under mattresses and delve into your mold problem.

We’ll banish kitchen grease and ensure cupboards are sparkling and hygienic and we’ll deep clean carpets in any room. Deep cleaning is all about getting down to the nitty gritty so you really don’t have to. We will deal with the most ground in dirt, the muckiest floors, the bathrooms that are much less than their best. We really will make everything as clean as it can possibly be.


Our expert deep cleaning service means that you can be coming home to a house that is completely sparklingly spotless, smells fresh and isn’t a threat to the wellbeing of you and those you love.

Deep cleaning can be done as a one-off or on a regular basis, depending upon your needs. For example, if you are renting properties you may want each one given an end of tenancy deep clean, or you may want a commercial property that sees regular heavy traffic, deep cleaned every month.

Extreme cleaning

This is, as the name suggests, the kind of cleaning for which you really do have to call in an expert who knows what they’re doing. There’s definitely a need for a specialist for this type of work as it can be hazardous to health. Our cleaners may be faced with discarded drug paraphernalia, unsavoury bodily fluids and other elements that will pose a risk of diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.

Specialist cleaning is needed at crime scenes, or where there’s been an accident with raw sewage. We’ll clean bin rooms and rubbish shoots and deal with biohazards, extreme situations where the right protective clothing and a systematic cleaning approach is absolutely vital.

How long can deep cleaning take?

How many hours deep cleaning can take is likely to vary according to the size and scale of the problem but the estimated times would be from a few hours to a whole day. Obviously a small one-bedroom apartment probably needs less cleaning than a bigger house but even that is not always the case. A small property can take time to clean too if it presents tough challenges, however whatever the size of the job we can ensure it is done within a time frame that suits you. If you contact us directly we can work out all the details, including costs so that you get the service you need in the time required.

One thing is certain you’ll probably be surprised to see just how much of a difference deep cleaning can make to your property. There’s really nothing like seeing a room that was once dark and dirty transformed into one that’s sparkling and refreshed.

So if you’re facing the daunting task of a challenging cleaning job don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can advise you whatever your cleaning needs may be. There are times when a one off deep clean is all that’s required, or maybe you need a more regular service but whatever your demands, we are here and happy to help. Call us today on 03300 02 02 88 or send an email to

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