Residential Window Cleaning

A professional window cleaning service is an essential part of home maintenance, ensuring both the interior and exterior of your property looks at its very best.

Without this, grime will build up and it could even result in damage to the actual glass, plus gazing through sparkling windows is so much more enjoyable than peering through dingy panes.

Regular window cleaning should be a priority for any homeowner.

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What should I look for when choosing a window cleaner?

  1. Reliability

You want your window cleaner to be reliable. It’s no use booking someone to clean your windows for them to not turn up when you need them. Ideally, the more regular the service the better. You may want to book for a monthly or bi-monthly service as this will be most effective in both looking after your windows and keeping them looking sparklingly clean.

  1. Worth the money

You also want them to be cost effective. You don’t have to pay the earth for a window cleaner but you need to ensure that they can do the job to the highest standards.

  1. Safety

Also safety is a priority. By choosing a reputable and professional local company you can be so much more reassured that your property will be in safe hands and that they won’t employ anyone who will invade your privacy.

  1. Local

Ideally, your window cleaner will be familiar with the neighbourhood and the chances are that other people in your area will already be using the service, giving you further reassurance about their reliability and trustworthiness. For example Direct Cleaning Group has been cleaning the windows of homes throughout the North West including Ellesmere Port, Merseyside, Cheshire and  Wirral for over 10 years and their reputation has been built on recommendations from many satisfied customers.

  1. Possess the right skills for the job

Your window cleaning service needs to be up to speed with all the modern and traditional skills required to do a thorough job. This can be everything from having the most up to date equipment to being knowledgeable about types of glass and how to clean them.




Professional window cleaners can..

The verdict

The advantages of professional residential window cleaning outweigh the costs. You may think about adding it to your list of household chores but the likelihood is it will be one of those jobs that you keep putting off. Granted, it may not be as cheap as doing it yourself, it will be much more cost-effective in the long run.

At Direct Cleaning Group, we are the leading experts in our field offering state-of-the-art cleaning services. To find out more about our window cleaning services or to request a quote for cleaning your windows, contact Direct Cleaning today.

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