Why Is Window Cleaning So Important?

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Apart from the fact you actually need to be able to see out of your windows and you don’t really want your home to look like it’s the grubbiest house on the block, keeping your windows clean is more important than you might think. You may be surprised to learn that by simply keeping them clean you can reduce fuel bills and even prevent structural damage.

Six reasons to keep your windows clean

1. Maintains the glass

Dirty windows can cause the integrity of the glass to weaken and that makes them easier to shatter. Because glass is porous, dirt and microorganisms can build up inside the pores, weakening your windows. Besides dirt, there are other things that can damage your windows and should be cleaned off. These include:

  • acid rain
  • an accumulation of minerals left behind from hard water
  • oxidation that occurs from window screens and/or metal window frames
  • accidental overspray from construction materials such as paint, mortar, chalk, drywall texture or other substances

If you start to see light scratches or cracks on your windows this could be the sign of structural damage and if this continues you’ll eventually have to replace the affected windows. Cleaning your windows will prevent this from occurring and give your windows far more longevity.

Keeping your windows clean is especially important if you live near a road or building site. It may not be enough to clean windows yourself but removing hard minerals is simple when you hire a professional window cleaning service. They have the know-how to use the best cleaning solutions for the job, leaving a smudge and streak-free finish.

2. Energy efficiency is something we pay good money to achieve so why would we then just install energy efficient windows only to negate their effect. That is what you’re doing when you don’t clean them regularly.

3. Excess dirt, grime, and general particle buildup can block out parts of a window. All this buildup reflects the sun’s UV rays and robs your property of the sun’s free heat. Over time, this extra cost will add up on your energy bills. When you regularly clean your windows you can improve your home’s heat efficiency.

4. Smoke film can build up on the inside of your windows from candles, cigarettes, cooking, or the fireplace, which can leave lingering odors and affect breathing.

5. It is through our windows that we see the world, so why on earth would we want them to get dirty and uncared for? You’ll be blocking out all the light, making inside your home gloomy and depressing.

6. Regularly cleaned, sparking windows will add to your house’s curb appeal (all important if you want to sell in the future) and of course your neighbours will love you for making your house look beautifully maintained.

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