How does a professional clean gutters?

Gutter cleaning with a vacuum

What is gutter cleaning?

Like death and taxes, the fact your gutters get clogged is an inevitable part of life. A combination of leaves, moss twigs and other debris builds up and suddenly you have a problem. Leave gutter cleaning too long and as time passes these elements will break down and turn into the perfect breeding ground for seeds, moss, and weeds that have been blown onto the roof or dropped by birds. Eventually, insects or even vermin may find this an attractive breeding ground. Fortunately there’s an easy way to prevent this, regular gutter cleaning.

What is gutter cleaning?

Clearing out the debris and wiping down the gutter is the absolute minimum that can be done to prevent gutter problems from occurring but a professional clean goes much further. Using telescopic gutter clearing and vacuum tools ensures that leaves, moss and debris are thoroughly expunged. As well as emptying gutters, restoring and reviving the external look of the guttering and fascia using water fed pole technology and specialist detergents can also be part of the service.

Why is cleaning gutters important?

Increases their lifespan

The amount of leaves and other debris that will gradually accumulate will not only form blockages that prevent rainwater from flowing away from the building but will over time cause the gutters to corrode and eventually break. Hence regular cleaning is essential if you want them to last longer.

Prevents water damage

Gutters are there to make sure that water is channelled off the roof and away from the property and its foundations. However, a gutter that has become blocked can stop this process from happening and can cause your foundations to flood and the roof to leak. This in the long term will have devastating consequences. The stability of your property can be affected and of course this could reduce the value of the building.

Stops animals nesting

Having your gutters cleaned will get rid of leaves, twigs and any other debris that can be used as nesting and breeding places for pests like rats, mice and insects etc that carry viruses.

What are the risks of cleaning gutters yourself?

Risk of falling

The main reason not to do this job is the risk to yourself. Working at height is one of the major causes of deaths and serious life-changing injuries. Professionals using the correct tools can clear blockages without actually climbing up to the roof and if they need to do a closer inspection then they’ll have specially designed ladders, harnesses and other safety measures in place. The homeowner is usually armed with a ladder, basic cleaning equipment and little else. You have to ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

You may damage the gutters

If you haven’t cleaned the gutter for a while it’s likely some damage will have occurred. Maybe it has become cracked, or has rusted. A professional will know how to remedy these problems. Cleaning them yourself may make them worse.

You could make yourself ill

Gutters that have been neglected long-term are likely to be  filled with stagnant water, rotten foliage and mould, all of which can make you feel very ill if you’re not trained to deal with the blockage safely.

Why should I use a professional gutter cleaning service?

You’re paying for a level of expertise.

These guys have experience of cleaning hundreds of gutters. They know how to stay safe and how to diagnose those gutter problems that can lead to expensive damage to your property.

You’ll get quick results

A professional will do the job so much quicker and more efficiently.  If you’ve only done the job occasionally if ever, you’re unlikely to have the right gear to tackle the problem. Indeed you may not realise how much work is actually involved.

They know about gutters

The expert will easily inspect the gutter for any signs of damage as well as wear and tear, you on the other hand might not be able to notice rust or cracks around your gutters. Put simply, a professional will never miss them.

What is the process a professional gutter cleaner will follow?

Expect cleaning to be carried out from ground level, using a specially designed and adapted brush system to gently and effectively reach into all gaps, removing all traces of dirt and contamination.

It’s an approach that means the whole process is speedier, less messy, and there is no risk of damage to your house or garden. Direct Cleaning Group uses environmentally safe and biodegradable cleaning products for gutter cleaning to give you further peace of mind.

At Direct Cleaning Group, we are the leading experts in our field offering state-of-the-art cleaning services. To find out more or to request a quote for gutter cleaning contact Direct Cleaning today.

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