Why Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

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Pressure washing your home

Pressure washing delivers water at a pressure that’s high enough to blast away dirt and other substances and it’s one way to boost a building’s curb appeal almost instantaneously.

Pressure washing the outside of a house is a sure-fire way to improve it’s look, restoring it as well as preserving its longevity, so why wouldn’t you do it?

The benefits of pressure washing your home

● It makes your property look good

Cleaning the exterior of your home will add to its saleability. And even if you aren’t planning to put your home on the market, you’ll give it instant curb-appeal.

● Time saving

To spruce up the exterior of a property to the same standard achieved by pressure washing would take a lot of time and hard graft. Pressure washing is just a simpler solution, taking a fraction of the time it would take if you tackled it any other way.

● It’s easy to reach difficult areas

Instead of clambering up a ladder or having to erect scaffolding, a pressure washer can be directed to hard to reach areas from ground level. If you don’t feel confident that you can do this yourself, call in the experts to do it for you!

● It can eliminate health hazards

Exterior walls can pick up substances that can be at the least unsightly and at worst harmful. Pressure washing will wash away these substances and prevent them from developing into something worse. Pressure washing is also good for cleaning surfaces that are made slippery by algae so blasting it away prevents slips and falls and keeping the exterior pristine stops further decay.

● Good for the environment

Because pressure washers work by blasting water at a high velocity they don’t use any harmful chemicals. The pressure is enough to clean away grime and mildew. Pressure washers also use less water in comparison, say to the amount that would be needed if you used a garden hose for a similar job. This is because a pressure washer expels water at roughly 50 times the force of a garden hose.

How often should you pressure wash your home?

There isn’t really a frequency at which you should do the job. Mostly, you’ll probably notice that the exterior isn’t looking at its best and that is the time to get the pressure cleaner out. One test to see just how dirty the property has biome is to run your finger along the siding. If a lot of dirt is present, then you’ll probably need to add pressure cleaning to your list of things to do.

Here are some reasons why you may need to pressure wash your property more frequently:

● If your home is on or close to a track type road where you’ll get dust in the summer when it’s hot and dry and mud in the winter when it’s cold and wet. You may want to get on top of things with a pressure wash twice a year.

● Any building surrounded by trees may be affected by sap.

● Bad weather will increase the chances of your building getting dirtier.

● Weather that is rainy or hot and humid can also stain the exterior. In fact, rain is full of dirt, which can leave your house looking dull. Also, hot and humid weather can make the exterior of your house more susceptible to mould and mildew.

When is the best time of year to pressure wash your home?

Certainly when it’s a sunny day so that the water directed onto the property can dry out thoroughly. You may want to schedule a clean-up at the end of each season just to ensure that your property’s exterior is always in good shape.

Why hire a professional pressure washing company?

  1. They’ll have the kit

To pressure wash your home you’ll have to rent a power washer and all the equipment needed to run it as well as a good-quality construction grade ladder and safety gear.

  1. They’ll be aware of the dangers

Doing yourself may look easy but working with a pressure washer can be quite dangerous for anyone unused to working with one. These machines have a big kickback because of the high pressure of the water stream.

  1. They’ll be faster

A professional will be faster and finally, there’s a likelihood that an inexperienced person might do more damage than good. Extreme pressure can in fact strip away layers of your home, causing irreversible damage

If you want to know more about pressure cleaning don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or a free quote.

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