Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Direct Cleaning Group provide specialist window cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients throughout the North West. Our work is carried out to the highest standard by fully-trained, uniformed and insured window cleaners who have attended courses at the British Window Cleaning Academy.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Why choose Reach and Wash?

The Reach and Wash window cleaning solution is becoming increasingly popular as it offers many benefits: not only is it eco-friendly, using no detergents or chemicals but it is also safer and achieves a higher standard of cleaning. If you’re not sure if Reach and Wash is right for you or your business, then keep reading to find out the benefits it can offer.

A reduced risk of damage to your property

Before water fed pole cleaning came along, most window cleaning for low rise buildings was carried out using ladders. However, Reach and Wash has nearly rendered the use of ladders obsolete, reducing risks to the operator or any other damage which could be caused to the surrounding areas such as borders or landscaping. It also means that harder to access areas such as conservatory roofs and atriums can also be more easily accessed and safely cleaned.

Safer and more accessible

With Reach and Wash, all work is carried out at ground level with telescopic fibreglass poles which can reach heights up to 22m. This greatly reduces any hazard as the operative’s feet don’t even leave the ground. In addition, the water fed poles are able to reach even the most difficult-to-reach windows so operatives can work at ease without any awkward manoeuvres or causing themselves any undue strain.

Your windows will stay cleaner for longer

In addition to windows, telescopic water fed poles can clean UPVC, glass roofing, panelling and cladding – and everything will stay much cleaner for longer. The water goes through a special heated filter and is purified, deionised with no static charge. Where traditional cleaning methods actually attract dirt, with Reach and Wash, the water runs away after a short time and is left streak-free. This method certainly leaves your windows looking cleaner for longer which means less hassle and less cost in the long run.

Environmentally friendly

With individuals and businesses these days becoming more and more environmentally conscious, the Reach and Wash method is a great solution for reducing your carbon footprint as it only uses purified, deionised water with no harsh chemicals. This is not only better for the environment but also for the user.

Great results in half the time

The use of a water fed pole is much quicker and more efficient than traditional cleaning methods. The Reach and Wash window cleaning system is installed into our specially adapted vans to provide our cleaners with litres of water for cleaning. Our professional window cleaners say this method cuts their work almost in half meaning much less disruption for the customer.

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Why choose Direct Cleaning Group?

At Direct Cleaning Group, we specialise in a ‘ladderless’ approach to window cleaning which benefits far outweigh other cleaning traditional methods. By using 100% pure water, pumped through telescopic poles, we can access and clean windows up to 65 feet above ground – without ladders, including those difficult to access areas and this greatly reduces the health and safety risks, making it by far the safest and most cost-effective cleaning method with excellent results.

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