Solar Panel Cleaning

By converting sunlight into electricity, solar panels can cut your energy bills in half and even pay you for producing electricity, especially if you generate enough to export back into the national grid. They also offer huge environmental benefits as solar electricity doesn’t release harmful pollutants into the air and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever run out of electricity.

However, this doesn’t come cheaply as the solar panels and building work required can often incur a hefty initial expense. But regardless of whether they are used in domestic or commercial settings, solar panels can be a really smart investment if they are maintained correctly.

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How to maximise your solar panel output

There are a number of different ways you can maximise your solar panel output, such as ensuring they are facing the right way and adjusting (tilting and moving) them to ensure they are generating the best output. But most importantly, keeping your solar panels clean can dramatically improve their energy output. For most manufacturers, this is most probably a functional requirement under the terms of their warranty.


Cleaning methods

Solar panel cleaning is one thing but getting them cleaned properly is another. Not only can dirty solar panels negatively affect their energy output (up to 50%) but environmental factors such as adverse weather, the build-up of dust, dirt, pollen and bird droppings could create irreversible damage if not taken care of properly. In order to achieve the best results, the cleaning job should always be done by a certified solar panel cleaner.

It is recommended to schedule solar panel cleaning twice a year, before Winter and Summer to maintain optimum output.

How Direct Cleaning Group can help

Direct Cleaning Group can increase the output and efficiency of a variety of different solar panel systems, including large-scale ground-mounted solar farms, commercial rooftop solar panel systems and small domestic installations.

We usually conduct an inspection before carrying out the cleaning to ensure we are prepared with the right equipment and can safely access the panels. For example, we may need to use powered access for larger buildings. Cleaning the panels on a cooler day is also safer for our operators due to the amount of heat generated through the panels on a hot day.

We use purified water which is pumped through a hose from our vans, into the poles which have specialist soft bristles for cleaning. Purified water is treated water whereby osmosis has been reversed and the water has been de-ionised. We never use untreated water as it could damage your panels further by leaving marks containing mineral deposits and it can actually attract more dirt and debris.

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