How Professional Pressure Washing Can Help Keep Your School Clean

Pressure washing and graffiti removal

Do you know if the children at your school are safe from catching any illnesses when their parents drop them off in the morning? Perhaps not. One of the main problems could be that while you’re taking time to clean the inside of the building, you’re not paying full attention to all the problems that may occur when the outside is left unattended.

Although these problems aren’t necessarily life-threatening, if the condition of the outside of the property deteriorates, the children under your care could be susceptible to respiratory illnesses, chronic headaches and stomach aches, and an increase in asthma attacks.

Pressure washing and graffiti removal

Where Can You Find These Problems?

Have you noticed black streaks on the roof? They’re an algae know as Gloeocaspa Magma, which can survive even the harshest of British climates and conditions. It is often responsible for causing the range of illnesses we mention above.

Not only will professional pressure washing help prevent illnesses to children, if treated promptly it will also help prevent irreversible damage to the roof.

In addition, these algae can become airborne and travel from roof to roof. If you want to prevent this happening it needs to be treated as soon as you notice its appearance.

You may also notice the concrete playground and walls of the school are covered in moss, lichens and grass. Humidity is a perfect breeding ground for these contaminants and it’s not healthy for kids to be playing in such an environment. Regular pressure washing from a professional company will help eliminate all of these problems.

Where Else Can Pressure Cleaning Help?

Any mould on the walls must be dealt with immediately; seeing or smelling mould is not good for your health and it needs to be removed.

Insects and rodents can leave dirt and droppings, which in turn lead to unhealthy air. This isn’t a good environment for children playing on the school grounds.

All of these things must be maintained and kept under control with regular maintenance of the outside of the school.

Graffiti has also become an issue at schools over the years. Pressure washing by professionals will ensure quick and easy removal of any offensive graffiti.

Creating a clean healthy environment for the children at your school is imperative. Not only is it good for the kids, but it also will make a positive impression on the parents.

Keeping Schools and Other Commercial Buildings Clean

These tips are true for other commercial buildings than schools, too. Whereas a large emphasis is made on interior cleaning, the exterior should not be overlooked. It’s also where visitors and potential customers get their first impression of your school or property – and we know how important first impressions are. You certainly don’t want that to be dirt and mould!

For more information regarding professional pressure washing to help you make the right first impression at your school or any other commercial or domestic premises, contact Direct Cleaning Group. With more than ten years’ experience, we are experts in pressure washing in the UK.

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