How Often Should Your Local Window Cleaner Visit?

Man using reach and wash cleaning pole to clean windows There are no hard or fast rules regarding the frequency with which you should have your windows cleaned but if you live on a busy main road, or your house is exposed to the elements your windows are likely to need sprucing up more often. Living by the sea for example, can cause salt to build up quickly on glass and frames and this could cause them to weaken, so frequent cleaning is essential. Similarly, the exterior will get grimy much quicker if there’s a main road or train line close by. The one indisputable fact is that calling in the professionals will make a huge difference to how your windows will look. It’s like the difference between drying your hair at home and a professional blow-dry!

What will it cost?

The easiest way to determine how often to clean your windows is to assess a budget for a professional window clean and then work out how often you can afford the service.

How often should I clean them?

Once a month

Many people opt to have their windows cleaned once a month to keep on top of their maintenance and have them looking their best. If you live by the sea this is recommended. If left untreated, the crystals from salt can weaken window glass and frame materials. While the glass and frames won’t crumble into dust, they might corrode enough to allow water to leak through the windows.

Every two months

If you can only afford to have windows cleaned every two months, well it’s better than not at all. You’ll still be able to maintain them looking good, although, they will start to look less than their best after about six weeks.

Every three months

This option would suit a very tight budget or perhaps a building which is in a remote rural location where it is unlikely to be affected by dirt from passing traffic etc. Why use a professional window cleaner?
  1. 1. They have the right tools
A professional window cleaner doesn’t just use a cloth from the supermarket but has the correct equipment for the job and will use water-fed poles and non abrasive cleaning solutions to ensure you get a smear-free sparkling result.
  1. 2. You may make your windows look grubbier
Using newspapers and paper towels can result in the build up of static, which will attract more dirt. In the end you may find your windows never really look very clean.
  1. 3. You could scratch your windows
If you use certain types of cleaning fluid to get rid of more stubborn stains you could end up leaving permanent scratches on your windows. Professional cleaners will use non-abrasive chemicals that will preserve your windows.
  1. 4. Expertise is all-important
A professional knows how to clean particular types of windows and what cleaning materials they need to use.
  1. 5. It’s safer than doing it yourself
It’s really never safe for a non-professional to clean windows on a floor higher than ground level. You’ll risk falling and injury. Remember most accidents happen in the home! At Direct Cleaning Group, we are the leading experts in our field offering state-of-the-art cleaning services. To find out more about our window cleaning services or to request a quote for cleaning your windows, contact Direct Cleaning today.
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