Hoarding Cleaning Services

What is hoarding?

Hoarding doesn’t just mean the accumulation of belongings, it’s a much more deep rooted psychological problem that can endanger health and wellbeing.

With a hoarding disorder, an individual can get emotionally attached to all kinds of stuff and simply can’t let them go. Consequently, they’ll be living amongst extreme clutter that in the worst case scenario can block off access to doorways, fill up bathrooms and clog up kitchens. This means living conditions turn hazardous.

The hoarder can develop various health issues such as respiratory diseases and infections, there’ll be tripping hazards, various kinds of pests, mold growth and a real danger of fire breaking out. Hoarding also impacts on neighbours, friends and family. It really is extremely damaging and dangerous and measures need to be taken before the situation gets out of hand. Hoarding is also acknowledged to overwhelm the mind, cause stress and anxiety, drain energy levels, lead to family conflicts and financial difficulties, result in depression and social withdrawal.

When to ask for help

NHS UK says that hoarding is considered a significant problem if:

  • The amount of clutter interferes with everyday living – for example, the person is unable to use their kitchen or bathroom and cannot access rooms
  • The clutter is causing significant distress or negatively affecting the quality of life of the person or their family – for example, they become upset if someone tries to clear the clutter and their relationship suffers

Hoarding disorders are challenging to treat because many people who hoard frequently do not see it as a problem, or have little awareness of how it’s affecting their life or the lives of others.

Many do realise they have a problem but are reluctant to seek help because they feel extremely ashamed, humiliated or guilty about it.

It’s really important to encourage a person who is hoarding to seek help, as their difficulties discarding objects can not only cause loneliness and mental health problems but also pose a health and safety risk. 

What is involved in hoarder cleaning Services?

At Direct Cleaning Group, we have specialist hoarding cleaners who are able to tackle any scale of hoarding in a professional and empathetic manner. We understand that tackling a hoarders home can be difficult, which is why we follow a process to ensure all health and safety measures are in place and risks are minimised.

The first thing we do is ensure that anything dangerous is removed from the premises – this can be a variety of things from rotting food to pest infestations. We will also ensure that exits are cleared as these are a major fire hazard. Once this is prioritised we can start the process of removing clutter. Of course we understand this isn’t easy and time may be needed to deal with the emotional needs, stress, and anxiety of all involved. As a professional cleaning company we are sympathetic to every aspect of these types of cleanups and know we sometimes need to tread carefully to yield results.

How Direct Cleaning Group can help

When you get in touch with us, we understand that what you are requesting is not a regular clean-up but a bespoke service that requires specialist handling. We are aware of the sensitivity and care that needs to be involved, and we will be there for you every step of the way until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

To enquire about or book our specialist hoarding cleaning service, please get in touch today by calling 03300 02 02 88 or sending an email to info@directcleaninggroup.co.uk.  

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