High Level Cleaning


High Level Cleaning

All of our external cleaning specialist are IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) certified for the use of hydraulic platforms or ‘cherry pickers’.

We have the options of lorry mounted or self-propelled hydraulic platforms and these are used to access heights of 15m or more where the use of ladders would be neither practical or safe for staff and have the added advantage of enabling a range of equipment to be raised to the level of the cleaning work on the platform.

Our hydraulic platforms require ease of access to the exterior of a building but if this is not available, we have a range of other methods to access the exterior of a building for cleaning and maintenance.


Rope access

For areas that are difficult to access via machinery, industrial rope access provides a safe alternative. Industrial rope access is not merely a means of cleaning windows but is a specialist trade in its own right.

Direct Cleaning Group uses a team of specialist sub-contractors that are Safe Contractor accredited and IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Training Association) trained. The IRATA team are rigorously trained and abide by a strict code of conduct.


Direct Cleaning Group’s rope access sub-contractors are independently assessed and trained in rescue procedures. A minimum of two technicians are required for any job. Each has at least two independent anchorage points and a fail-safe descent mechanism.


Cleaning a high rise office block in a cradle

For working at heights, many buildings have cradle systems to allow access to the external face of the structure to permit cleaning and maintenance.

Many buildings have bespoke cradle systems that are used by window cleaners to access external areas and many internal atrium styles.

Each cradle is specific to the building and is either electronically or manually operated. Whilst the equipment itself has many safety features, a building owner must have a current test certificate for load and track.

Direct Cleaning Group’s specialist staff or sub contractors are required to pass a training course on each type of cradle before they can use the equipment.

Please contact us and we can discuss the most appropriate means of cleaning your commercial premises.

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